Insta Pro – Download InstaPro Apk Latest (10.75) June 2024

Insta Pro is a rejigged pro version of Instagram that allows users to download photos & videos from Insta and brings dozens of exciting features. It offers HD graphics, translation features, follower tracking, anonymity features, and many pro version features that are not available in the official version.

The official version of Instagram is available for web users and also available as a mobile App. But if you wanna enjoy the pro version then you must be a mobile user. Insta Pro’s Latest version offers unique downloading features and awesome anonymity features. These features will take your Insta experience to new heights.

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Basic Information About Instagram Pro

APK NameInsta Pro
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
File Size71.4 MB
Current Versionv10.75
RequirementAndroid v5.1
Updated Date1 Hours Ago

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Insta Pro Latest Version

The latest version of Instagram Pro introduces groundbreaking features, revolutionizing the Instagram experience. With an intuitive interface, it seamlessly combines creativity and usability, allowing users to express themselves like never before. Enhanced privacy options provide ultimate control, ensuring a secure environment. Plus, its advanced filters and editing tools empower users to craft visually stunning content, making InstaPro the go-to choice for social media enthusiasts.

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Insta Pro Old Version

In previous iterations of Instagram, downloading content, whether it be images, videos, or documents, posed significant challenges. However, the latest version eliminates the need for waiting during downloads. This impressive update not only streamlines the downloading process but also offers a visually appealing interface, allowing effortless customization of Instagram’s appearance. With this version, accessing stories and audio files has become remarkably simple and efficient.

Best features of the InstaPro

The latest version of InstaPro2 comes with features that take your Insta experience to the Pro level. Here we will review some top-notch Pro features of Insta Pro APK that are not offered in the official app.

Downloading Capabilities

Insta Pro Apk eliminates the frustration of downloading content from Instagram. Whether it’s captivating images, inspiring videos, or crucial documents, this feature-rich version ensures swift and seamless downloads, saving users precious time and effort.

Ad-Free Experience

Bid farewell to intrusive ads that disrupt your scrolling experience. InstaPro offers an ad-free interface, allowing users to engage with content without interruptions, resulting in a more immersive and enjoyable social media journey.

Advanced Customization Options

InstaPro empowers users with unparalleled customization features. From changing themes and fonts to altering the overall layout, users can tailor their Instagram interface according to their preferences, fostering a personalized and unique user experience.

Enhanced Privacy Settings

Privacy is paramount in the digital age, and InstaPro takes it seriously. With advanced privacy settings, users can control who views their content, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for sharing personal moments and memories.

In-Built Story and Audio Downloading

InstaPro simplifies the process of downloading stories and audio files. Users can effortlessly save these media types directly to their devices, allowing for easy access to favourite tracks and memorable stories anytime, anywhere.

Dual Instagram Account Support

\For those juggling between personal and professional Instagram accounts, InstaPro offers the convenience of managing two accounts simultaneously. Switching between accounts is seamless, providing a hassle-free experience for users with multiple profiles.

High-Quality Image Uploads

InstaPro allows users to upload high-resolution images without compromising quality. This feature ensures that your photos maintain their sharpness and clarity, enhancing the visual appeal of your profile and posts.

Improved Message Encryption

In a world where online privacy is paramount, InstaPro takes a step further by enhancing message encryption. This ensures that your private conversations remain secure and confidential, adding an extra layer of protection to your digital interactions.

Extended Video Duration

Say goodbye to the constraints of short video uploads. InstaPro extends the video duration limit, enabling users to share longer, more comprehensive videos. Whether it’s a travel vlog or a tutorial, users can express themselves without worrying about time limitations.

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Anti-Ban Feature

InstaPro understands the concerns surrounding account suspension. With its anti-ban feature, users can enjoy the additional functionalities worry-free, knowing that their accounts are safeguarded against bans or restrictions, ensuring uninterrupted social media engagement.

Customizable Feed

InstaPro allows users to customize their feeds by organizing posts chronologically or based on their preferences. This feature ensures that users see the content that matters most to them, enhancing their overall Instagram experience.

Real-Time Notification Management

Stay in control of your notifications with InstaPro’s real-time notification management feature. Users can customize notification settings, ensuring they are informed about the activities and interactions that genuinely matter to them, promoting a clutter-free notification experience.

One-Tap Translation

InstaPro breaks down language barriers with its one-tap translation feature. Users can seamlessly translate captions and comments with a single tap, fostering global connections and enabling meaningful interactions among users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Safe and Secure

The APK file posted on this page is 100% secure and safe for your device and the pro version comes with an anti-ban feature. It means both your device and Insta account are safe with this pro version app.

Save Videos and Stories

The pro version of Instagram allows you to save all sorts of Insta videos including Insta posts and stories. Moreover, you can also download Insta reels and video highlights of other users.

IGTV Download

IGTV is one of the popular assets on Insta that was recently introduced on the platform. The official version only allows users to watch those IGTV videos. But now with InstaPro App, you can potentially download all kinds of IGTV videos.

High Definition Graphics (HD Graphics)

Instagram offers a variety of filters that allow users to enhance the appearance and precision of their photos. With this latest version, users can elevate their pictures to stunning 4k levels, adding beauty and altering backgrounds. Utilizing hashing techniques, the image quality can be further refined. This enhanced version is specifically designed for Android users, offering numerous features that were previously unavailable in older iterations.

Secure Your Data

In the original version of Instagram, users face the challenge of not being able to secure their data and profiles, leaving them vulnerable to unauthorized access. However, for those prioritizing security, an additional application called Honista can be employed to lock private chats. This added layer of protection ensures that intimate conversations with loved ones or clients remain confidential. Whether you wish to safeguard your personal profile or maintain the privacy of your conversations, this latest version allows users to have complete control over their data and interactions.

FeatureInsta ProInstagram
DND Mode
Calls Disable
File Sending Limit999MB100MB
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Status Length255139
Auto Message
Bulk Message
Online Status
Custom Font
Security Lock
Icon Change


The alternative of Instapro APK

There are dozens of mod apps for Instagram to provide users with plus experience. InstaPro is among the top names when it comes to MOD apps of Insta. But there are some other names that can be potential alternatives to Insta Pro Apk. Here are the few top names to count in.

Instagram Plus (Instagram++)

Instagram Plus, also known as Instagram++, is a popular alternative to InstaPro. It offers enhanced privacy features, like the ability to view profiles anonymously, download media, and customize the app’s appearance, providing users with a personalized Instagram experience.

GB Instagram

GB Instagram is a modified version of the original Instagram app, offering unique features such as the ability to download photos, videos, and stories. It also provides customization options, allowing users to change the theme, font, and overall appearance of the app.

OG Instagram

OGInstagram is another noteworthy alternative, famous for its simplicity and ease of use. It lets users download media files, view full-size profile pictures, and zoom into images. Its user-friendly interface appeals to those who prefer a straightforward Instagram experience.

Instagram Aero

Instagram Aero is a feature-rich Instagram mod that combines a visually appealing interface with advanced customization options. It offers a variety of themes, fonts, and styles, allowing users to personalize their Instagram feed. Additionally, it includes features like media download, story download, and enhanced privacy settings for a comprehensive user experience.

Instapro Apk Download

We have the latest version Apk file of the Insta Pro Apk download for free. You can get the app without security risk as our Apk file of the pro version is 100% secure to use. You can grab it free and switch to the pro version for enhanced socializing joy on Insta. Get the app now and head to set up the pro version on your Android or iOS following these simple steps.

How to install InstaPro on Android?

For Android users installing this pro version involves the same traditional steps that users generally follow to install Apk files. So first of all go get the Apk file of the pro version using the download button given above. Tap the downloaded file or go to the main device setting. Go with the pop-up within the file or head to the security tab in settings to allow permission for unknown sources. Allow permission and tap the install button to set up the pro version of Insta on your Android.


Amazingly, the official and original Instagram APK does not have all the latest features. However, users need to use these features so that they can do all the activities that they want. Here, we have discussed some such versions of Instagram that are alternative to the original Instagram. But you can get complete features, advantages, and functions of Instagram using these versions.  Instapro’s commitment to user privacy and data security sets it apart, ensuring that users can connect and share their lives with confidence.

Moreover, its dedication to fostering authentic connections and meaningful interactions adds a refreshing dimension to the often superficial world of social media. As we look ahead, Instapro’s potential for growth and continued innovation is exciting. With an ever-expanding user base and a dynamic team behind it, Instapro is poised to remain a significant player in the social media landscape. Whether it’s connecting with friends, sharing life’s moments, or exploring new interests, Instapro continues to be a valuable platform for users worldwide. 


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